Inside Xy...

You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo

7 April 1980
About me? Well, I daydream

and sightsee.

I doodle

and have my own underground racing club.

I'm hard to tell

and predictable

I like public transportation

& my adopted brothers

I love a shot of Turbo when the occasion arrises

& am compact.

I own a piece of land

& the rain ownes me.

I am loved

and love

My favorite hobbies are shooting

and boosting

I have secrets,

Change things up,

& love all my doggies

And in the end I am always up for a good fight.

Don't steal my images, they're mine. kthanks.

35mm photography, 575 maranello, 6102, 664, 96 stealth spoiler, 99 front end fairy, acr vipers, air tools, all carbon fiber diablo, aminals, anna sui, atlanta, avril lavigne - why, beach, betsey johnson, bikinis, black labs, blue point, boxing kangaroos, braves, bud light, cafe intermezzo, camping, cams, cars, cemetaries, chastain park, clemson, college football, corvettes, country music, crushed ice, cuteboy™, destiny, dodge stealth, doll face, dying my hair, filter, frogs, frozen grapes, german shepherds, girlfriends, going barefoot, greece, gucci, guys, hockey, hummus, huskies, ihop pancakes, juicy, ketchup flavored popsicles, kids, lofts, looks fast, lsu, maxim, merlot, michael stars, mobil 1, moon walks, mud puddles, my matt, my tiger, mysterious, need for speed underground, new york, nikkon cameras, nyc, oak trees, off roading, oreos, pablo neruda, pajama parties, paper denim cloth, peachtree, pedicures, photography, phychology, pickles, pink, playing in the rain, poetry, removable moonroof, repelling, road atlanta, rocket skates, romance, rope swings, rotweilers, rwd vr4s!, scuba diving, serendipity, sex and the city, shipfeifers, shoes, shooting stars, simpsons, sisters, spinner hubcaps!, spire, stars, stealth, strawberries, sushi, tangas, the airport of california, the doors, the dragon's tail, the harley mod, the monkey mod, thunderstorms, tig, tony stewart, tori amos, track day, true dual, unpredictable, vacations, vail, valute & bear, violent femmes, vr4, waffle house hash browns, wakeboarding from the tige, white russians, yoga, z06