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Inside Xy...
You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo
29th-Aug-2003 05:33 pm
664 mud flap girl
So we're heading to Clemson tonight!! Going to hit up the bars and remember what it was like to buy a $1.50 draft beer =) Then Saturday is the game!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure we'll cruise campus and see all the new building they've been working on. Go by the old apartment. All that stuff! *dances* I'm so excited. Even if UGA beats us, I'll still kick ass =) =)

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


*Throws Harley the frisbee*
29th-Aug-2003 06:10 pm (UTC)
$1.50!!!! damn they are only $1 here! oh well I bet tomorrow a certain ruiner will call you two seconds after the game is over again... I hope you answer this time and say somthing like,

"name, you are a *expurlative* and like it up the pooper, no one likes you, esecpially not me, and you have a big mother *expurlative* nose, so why dont you just *expurlative* off and never call aagin!"

have fun babes!
29th-Aug-2003 10:23 pm (UTC)
29th-Aug-2003 10:24 pm (UTC)
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