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Inside Xy...
You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo
O ME GOSH, how could I forget!? 
27th-Feb-2005 05:13 pm
664 mud flap girl

I got online when they went on sale, I have horrible luck I guess. They sold out or Ticketmaster hates me and told me that there were no tickets available. Saddest day evAr. I never miss her. MY only freak out concert. Oh well. Maybe I can use my exhaust money to buy one ticket from Encore at a crazy escelated price *le sigh* I even tried to see if there were tickets for the NYC venue. I mean, best city + best concert = one hell of a flight/dinner/concert/night !!! Oh well ...
28th-Feb-2005 04:10 am (UTC)
Try going to the actual hall and see if you can get tickets from there. Several years ago i went to the up in smoke concert at the meadowlands. (dr dre, eminem,ice cube, xzibit ect) and it was sold out according to ticketmaster and ect so we went to the actual area like 3 days before hand and asked for the closest tickets they had and they had 3rd row tickets. I think ticketmaster says sold out when all of their tickets are gone but best of luck trying to get some
28th-Feb-2005 04:44 pm (UTC)
I am hoping to be able to get NIN tickets...

I hope I dont see fuckwad there, tho, or I'll have to kill him.
28th-Feb-2005 06:42 pm (UTC)
Saw Tori when she toured with Alanis a few years ago, and didn't have a problem getting a Nashville ticket. Less cool people in Nashville = more chance of getting a ticket. :)
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