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Inside Xy...
You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo
27th-Nov-2003 11:00 pm
664 mud flap girl
Moe: Marge, I think it's time to go to Little Italy
Homer: OK, I'll get the little passports
27th-Nov-2003 08:44 pm (UTC)
Your blue cuddly thing is about to explode! I missed The Simpsons tonight. D'oh! :(

My tummy hurts. I need more turkey. GOBBLE GOBBLE.
28th-Nov-2003 10:11 am (UTC)
right about now, I could use a nice cappuchinno from a little italian coffee shop, the tiny ones, like you find tucked away in those 'hoods in york or london or paris or roma. Just the little joint, hopefully their ante will be some tiramisu...

and some of the unprocessed island sugar for the black and bitter... And a cute, dark haired, tall waitress with a faint accent, and a twinkel in her eyes.
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