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Inside Xy...
You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo
... right hand on a cold one confession 
16th-May-2016 03:58 pm

Immediately, my sadness disappears and the emptiness of you not being in my life vanishes. I have given so much of myself to you that not having you in my life has been a very difficult obstacle to overcome. On my sad days I just have to remember why we're even here.

Your text seems to imply that your relationship and the problems in your life are all there because of Me. That I have such a power over you that I am the only one that can destroy or build your life back up. I do not have that power. You are giving me far too much credit. I am simply reacting to your decisions and standing up for myself and my family in the process. You say I need a reality check. You are correct. The things I have seen and heard you do are so far beyond the realm of reality that I stayed in your life as long as I did because I simply did not believe that you could actually do those things.

You suggested that I get off my high horse. On the contrary, you have dug yourself a hole so deep that you cannot see my feet planted firmly on the ground.

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