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Inside Xy...
You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo
A means to an end. 
13th-Jan-2016 09:04 pm

You walked out on him when you chose to treat our friendship, your relationship with my brother & my family with disrespect. Your actions, words, threats, texts, abuse, unlawful actions, lies, narcissism & rage are things you continue to choose to hold at a higher importance than your relationships, including with Hudson. My mom made a decision that day that I 100% agree with. I have and will continue to teach him to have empathy, see the good in people, learn the difference between right & wrong and to forgive. I want him to remember the person you used to be, not the person you are now. And unless you are able to own up to your actions and apologize to all of the people you have hurt, until you are able to ask for the help you so greatly need and refused the hundreds of times I & others have tried, and until you can let this horrible game you're playing with my brother go, you will not be a part of his life. You broke your own heart.
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