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Inside Xy...
You're already in there, I'll be wearing your tattoo
Take my breath away. 
9th-Sep-2015 11:13 pm
my little pony
There's a lot of hope that goes in to having a child. Love mostly, lots of ideas and plans. This tiny being. So tiny and so innocent. Sleeping before me, trusting me with her life. I hold her, lay her head gently, laugh with her, play with her, think about her, long for her ... and those eyes... oh, those eyes. They tell a tale that I wish so fondly to read. Her life is deeper than she's given credit. It means so much. Those eyes will experience life in a way that I never will. My only wish is that I'm standing next to her when it happens. That I'm teaching her in the best ways and that I'm wholly involved. This little light of mine, she's sure got a hold of my heart. Never have I ever thought that this would happen. Drink.
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