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"2 balls & a bat; GO Braves!" [a baby update] 
5th-Apr-2011 12:38 pm
my little pony
"2 balls & a bat; GO Braves!" That is how we were greeted by our midwife yesterday when she saw that we found out we were having a boy! lol! Matt, mom & I could not stop laughing!

Yesterday's ultrasound proved that the little guy is healthy, growing like he should, developing like he should & all around a very healthy baby! YAY! Awesome news :)

We did, however, get Matt's antigen test results back last week & they were positive. Wonder of wonders that Matt would have the anti-M antigen to my anti-M antibodies (which is in no way a deterrent to our soul mate status, just a speed bump to keep life... well, life).

Although Matt's was positive, my last blood draw came back negative (to counter my previous positive test). This is good news, but doesn't put us completely in the clear. It just means that there were too few to see on a slide, but my values could always change. Current status? Keep an eye on the antibodies. Baby? He sailed through with flying colors and isn't being affected (his blood flow is normal)!

Let's hope that's the way it stays!

-two + one
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