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Inside Xy...
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4th-Sep-2010 04:56 pm
664 mud flap girl

My step father asked if I wanted to go shooting with him after work one day. He's researching the best D-SLR for his work needs and wanted to compare and contrast to my Nikon, as well as learn the digital part of the SLR, as he's shot with 35mm SLRs in the past. We thought to take pics of his dog chasing the tennis ball and head to the park to get some landscape and macro shots, but then he pulled into his neighbor's long drive to see if we could shoot what was in his garage. I love cars and was brought up a Chevy girl, but I had no idea just how much I would love this...

The first, an amazing and super rare treat: a 1966 427/425hp convertible. This is the last convertible made in 1966 as documented by Nolan Adams and was also the last 425hp made in 1966. This car was built for Chevrolet Motor Division as a test mule and later sold to the public. Heater and radio delete with J-56, close ratio 4 speed, racing brakes, F-41 heavy duty suspension, side pipes, and knock off wheels. Truly a rare piece of Corvette history. This car has also been top flight certified by NCRS.

A 1967 427/390hp COPO Coupe. They made 10 Copo Corvettes in 1967 and all were color variant cars. 3 were big blocks this car has a close ratio 4 speed, power brakes and rare head rest seats. Tank sheet and Protect-O-Plate certify this as a COPO.

A 1968 427/400hp 2 top Roadster with tri power, power brakes, F-41 heavy duty suspension, leather interior, and am/fm radio. This car was built the last month of 1968 production, has been certified by NCRS and has awesome paperwork to document it's originality.

A 1965 fuel injected convertible; purchased from the original owner. Full documentation and 38,000 original miles on the car. 771 fuelies made all 4 speeds in the last year of production for the fuel injected corvette until the modern era. Most of these were coupes with less than 100 roadsters made. Living history and protect-o-plate document the originality of this rare beast.

The owner was on his way to Chicago to possibly purchase another rare Vette and had his brother's Vette in the side garage that he's fully restoring. I would love to bring my soft box or speedlight in and really spend some time photographing these cars. They are very special subjects! The owner was kind enough to invite me back when our schedules matched up, so hopefully you'll see more of these beauties!

Until then, let me say, I'm stoked college football season is finally here.

<3 Cty

© sixsixfour
5th-Sep-2010 05:59 am (UTC)
omfg. cargasm. ihvAUJSHCJGHcd

I have a thing about old vettes... man I'd love to have a 67. When I recently picked up that M3 I also looked at a classic 77 vette. (but i cant afford the ones i like the most!)

29th-Sep-2010 03:31 am (UTC)
you're telling me!
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