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Inside Xy...
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name dropping 
10th-Mar-2009 12:01 am
strike a pose
So 2 weekends ago it snowed. A lot for us Georgia folks ;) I had a brilliant idea to head out in the fluffy white stuff with camera in hand. While this idea was fabulous, my timing was less than par. By the time things fell into place, the wind picked up and the snow slid to the "more like water" part of the scale. If I showed you the outdoor shots, you'd laugh at Ashley's face trying to be serious. It stopped long enough to shoot a few shots around the corner form the loft, but then we played it warm and came inside...

As always, click for larger.

Street corner hottie..

omg, I'm stuck!

Don't worry, I'll save you, Aunt Ashley!

And I'll just chew on this thing a little more..

I kinda like it now..

As for a side note; tips on how to eliminate TV blues on her face in the 2nd to last photo, after the fact? I know, I know, I should have told M@ no ;) I'm sure I could figure it out in CS3, but I sincerely hate my PC laptop and prefer the iMac for anything photo related. And as sadness would have it, I do not have a Mac version of PS.... :pout:

12th-Mar-2009 05:28 am (UTC)
Mmm if only I were 20 years younger :)
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